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We are a legal Team dedicated to our clients. Having a Team means your paralegal will keep in contact with you so you never feel "left in the dark" and will teach you how to keep your legal costs down.

The team may recommend connecting to mental health professionals, or financial professionals if needed. The team will be structured on your litigation goals, on your legal needs and its complications. You may choose to use a junior drafting lawyer as a part of your team, to keep costs in control. If your case is complex, your team will include, a senior lawyer to handle detailed hearings, along with the supporting paralegal and drafting attorney.

Our team will create workable solutions to your difficult challenges. We will be by your side throughout the entire legal process. We will help make it clear and understandable. You are a part of this team.

We are a family law practice representing clients in cases where the stakes are high and the outcomes change lives.Our practice is small by design allowing us to give you the personal attention you need in trying times. We don’t just represent clients, we connect with them.

We Can Help.

We are dedicated to helping families with all types of legal challenges, like divorce, child custody, visitation and support matters. We are proud to serve diverse clients, representing members of the military, people of faith, civilian clients, as well as individuals of every sexual orientation and gender identity. We partner with mental health professionals and community experts to create healthy legal solutions for families.

We Work to Meet Our Clients' Needs.

We provide clear legal strategies for complex challenges. Not only do we help individuals. Who are facing family law issues, we also take on privacy claims, estate planning, probate, commercial law, international law, animal law and lots of other problems too.

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We represent clients in all types of unique situations, and we're not intimidated by difficult challenges. We have represented a full range of folks, from people accused of kidnapping their own children, to sanctuary caregivers protecting dangerous wild animals. We know that people sometimes behave in ways they regret. We don't judge; but we also know how those mistakes can shape people's lives. Our talented legal team helps clients make the best of their mistakes.

Family Law

Committed to excellence and equlaity in family law, serving people Board of Legal Specialization experts at Webb Family Law Firm.

Divorce For Professionals

Divorce for Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, pilots, athletes, entrepreneurs, architects, and more, can seem overwhelming. Webb makes it easy.

Child Custody

We has provided child custody representation way. We know the law and how to apply it to real-life situations.

Child Support

Child Support obligations are often among the leading issues of concern for divorcing parents. We as the expertise to help you and your family.

Complex Marital Property Divisionnals

marital property division attorneys have the experience and skill to protect your interests during property division in divorce.

Divorce Litigation

we take a team approach to handling your case, and we pride ourselves on coming up with creative solutions to complex disputes and problems

Legal Counsel for Divorce and Other Family Law Matters

Property division & issues involving children are always intense and it’s imperative that you have an attorney on your side who has the optimal negotiation & proven trial skills so as to represent your case in the best way possible.Our Houston divorce attorneys who also handle other Family Law matters

One of the most important part of the family are our children. When your child is not being treated right or when the other side keeps you from seeing your children that’s when you need legal help.When your family is coming apart, we are here to help your through this tough time. An experienced lawyer will walk you through the process.


Family Lawyer

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We offer a variety of office hours in order to meet the needs of our patients.