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About Us

We are qualified health care professionals who help in diagnosing and treating disorders of neuromuscular origins. We provide treatment through spinal manipulation and the manual adjustment of the spine.

We have multiple doctors of Chiropractic on staff, each with additional training in areas for both adults and children such as auto & work injuries, nutrition, physical therapy, acupuncture, pediatric chiropractic and sports injury.

One of our main goals is to get our patients out of pain as quickly as possible and to improve their quality of life without drugs or surgery.

By offering a number of different treatment options, we customize each patient’s treatment plan to their specific needs instead of the patient having to adapt to what the doctor does.

How We Do

In order to safely and effectively put together a plan to get you the best possible results from your chiropractic care, we start with a consultation. We learn about your health history, looking for indications that your problem will respond positively to our treatment.

After your consult, we'll do a physical examination that consists of orthopedic tests to check your spinal joints, neurological tests to test you nerve health, and chiropractic tests to help determine if chiropractic will likely help your problem. X-rays will be taken of any areas necessary. We alsoperform leg length inequality x-rays when indicated, to determine if your problem is functional or a structural problem

Our Services

We can help treat acute and chronic uncomfort of the neck as well as the lower back. We may simply use the spinal manipulation technique or they may use a combination of therapies like physiotherapy and laser treatment. Whatever the case, chiropractic practices are holistic and aremore effective in treating chronic as well as acute uncomfort.

Our focus is on finding and removing pain using safe and gentle methods. We treat many types of injuries and personalize care to each person's needs. The first and foremost being, that it’s completely natural yet effective at the same time. Research has proved that taking help from atrained and skillful chiropractor c help reduce the incidences as well as the intensity of the uncomfort over a period of time

Our Process is Simple

We listen and determine
if we can help

We show you the problem
and painlessly correct it

We demonstrate your results
and monitor your recovery

Our Worry Free Promise

Your First Visit
Your first visit is a conversation, not a commitment

Your Problem
We'll decide together if our care is the best option for you

Your Care
We will provide you only our best care and only what you need

Your Results
Your results are truly our number one priority!

Our Advantages

We treat every patient equally! No matter who you are, you can rest assured that you'll receive our best attention.

We seek to make you feel at ease during your visit to our clinic.

With decades of trusted experience, there is no better choice for your pain relief needs in the area.

This is the most important step of the entire process. We would create a treatment plan depending on the injury level, general health and the condition of your spine.

The goal of the Chiropractor would be relieving the patient from the pain and providing comfort.